Hogner, Pierre Richard Leonard

Hogner, Pierre Richard Leonard, architect – Portland – born in Öfver-Kalix, Norrbotten, on July 17, 1884. He was the son of the famous physician and medical author Dr. Richard Hogner, who immigrated with his family to America in 1893 and took up medical practice in Boston, Massachusetts. After Pierre Hogner completed his elementary education, he studied at a technical college from 1902 to 1906, followed by a degree in architecture from Harvard University in 1907. He continued his studies at the Architectural School at the University of Paris, France, and concluded them with a postgraduate course in structural engineering at Harvard after having made a long trip through Russia, Germany, Scandinavia and England. For a while he worked in an architectural firm in Boston, and in 1909 moved to Seattle, Washington. In July, 1910 he moved to Portland, Oregon where he and the architect Arthur Harvey from Boston founded the architectural firm Harvey & Hogner with an office in room 202 in the Hamilton Building. Among the larger buildings designed by the firm is a bank in Carlton, Helmer’s and Goodman’s apartment buildings in Portland, Mrs. Bacon’s in Aberdeen, Washington, among many others. Mr. Hogner owns property in Seattle, Washington and Mansfield, Massachusetts. He is a member of the Da Vinci Club in Boston, the Pen & Brush Club at Harvard, the Technological Architectural Association and the Scandinavian Brotherhood. He married Kristina Antoinette Aberson from Stockholm in 1908, and they have one son.