Berglund, John

Berglund, John, M.F. medical doctor – Portland – born in Skärstad, Jönköping County on July 10, 1864. Received his kindergarten teaching diploma at the age of 14 in Grenna and subsequently earned his living for several years as a kindergarten teacher in the surrounding villages. At the age of 21 he received a higher teaching degree at the Vexjö seminary, allowing him to earn his living as school teacher in Slätthög, Småland, and in Verum, Skåne.

After a couple of years, at the age of 25, he adopted the trade of bookbinder and book printer in Hästveda. For about a year he also earned part of his living as a traveling salesman representing his own print shop. In the autumn of 1892 he traveled to America. During his first year he earned his living as a carpenter in Rockford, Illinois, after which he and his two brothers and some other acquaintances established the Haga-colony in Centreville, Mississippi, which was well-known at the time.

For many years he earned his living as a farmer and a butcher, but then returned to more northern regions in 1899. In Geneva, Illinois, he worked as a home builder and photographer, and for one winter he served as land surveyor for the Illinois Central Railroad in Yazoo Valley, Mississippi. The discomfort he experienced during his short visit to the south took away any desire for a future as a land surveyor. Nevertheless, he soon went south again, this time to Biloxi, Mississippi, were he built himself a very beautiful home, which he still owns. During his stay in Biloxi he was able to satisfy his lasting interest in medical studies, and under the guidance of prof. Howard studied the chiropractor’s art. At a later date he received his diploma from the American College of Therapy in Chicago, Illinois. His interests also included studies in osteopathy, hydro-therapy, dietetics, salvation, suggestive therapeutics, bioplasma and biochemistry etc. He treats his patients following eccentric methods and has established a method of his own called human vibration.

Mr. Berglund established himself in Portland, Oregon, as a chiropractic practitioner using drug free treatment methods. His office and residency is located at no. 773 Mississippi Ave. He has almost completed the manuscript for his medical book in which he describes new and modern healing methods, and he has further written much in the fields of poetry and prose. He is a member of the Methodist Church and has since 1894 been married to Selma af Lövenhjelm from Karlstad, and they have one son and two daughters together.

Berglund, Dr. J
Berglund, Dr. J