Anderson, Christopher

Anderson, Christopher, painter — Portland — born in Vallarum, Frenninge parish, Malmöhus län, on 14 September 1873. Emigrated to America February 6, 1889, and settled in Portland the same year. After having worked as an assistant for nine years in Strouses Restaurant, Anderson bought a share of the business in the spring of 1894. He then sold it during the summer and started as a painter’s apprentice to C. F. Pearson. During the last seven years Anderson has been a foreman there. Anderson owns the house on 347 Ross Street, which he continually subleases except for a room for private use. Near Council Crest he also owns four acres of land where he has planted an apple, pear and cherry orchard. He is a member of Linnea, where he has held a position on the Board.

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