Wenström, E.Wenstrom, Erik, Factory Owner and Farmer — Laurel — born in Gamla Pershyttan, Västmanland on 12 September 1859. In his youth, he worked in iron mines and as a charcoal burner. In April 1880 he traveled to America. For two years he was a farm worker in Wisconsin and after that he spent the following fifteen years working in mines in Montana. He came to Oregon in1898 and settled in Laurel, Washington County where he has stayed with the exception of the summer of 1900 when he was in Nome, Alaska.

Wenstrom has worked partly with farming, partly with forestry. He owns 100 acres of farmland, a sawmill as well as a flourmill, and intends to start his own millworks. In the surrounding mountain area there are many precious kinds of wood in excess such as ash, maple, Wenström Sawmilletc. Wenstrom thinks the area, in which he has his home, is especially suited for Swedes to settle in as farmers etc. Wenstrom is active in civic affairs. He has belonged to ten different organizations but has now left all but United Artisans. In 1888 he married Annie Twigg from Canada (of English decent) and has one son and two daughters.