Rindell, ErnstRindell, Ernst, pharmacist – Astoria – born in Åbo, Finland, on August 3, 1862.  He left Åbo in 1879 and found employment in a pharmacy in Mariehamn, Åland.  He stayed there for four years and received his Farmacie studiosi degree.  He held several positions as a pharmacist’s assistant and eventually became the manager of a pharmacy in Hyrynsalmi, not far from the Arctic Circle.  In 1903 he decided to immigrate to America. After trying farming in Oklahoma together with Axel Wahren for a year, he moved to Reedley, California, and founded a colony with 14 families from back East. Mr. Rindell, who has experienced the most extreme cold in northern Finland as well as California’s desert bake oven heat, and found himself doing well in both environments, at this point probably got the notion to try the effects of a damper climate, so he moved to Astoria, Oregon.  He arrived in Astoria on September 1, 1905, and was employed with the pharmacist Laurin for eight months, after which he purchased his own pharmacy, Central Drugstore, which he still operates today.  He is a member of Knights of Pythias.  He married Edith Roos from Hyrynsalmi, Finland, on May 22, 1908. He has one stepson, Ragnar Strunck, and one son, Börje Ernst Holger.