Palmborg, C. F.Palmborg, C. F., Store Clerk Portland born in Stockholm on July 24, 1888, son of Pastor F. Palmborg, Superintendent for the Swedish Baptist Association in Canada with headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Palmborg came to Boston, Massachusetts at the age of two and later on to Minnesota, where his parents had a summer home in Long Prairie. He graduated from Adelphia College in Seattle, Washington., four years ago and was employed at one of the largest real estate firms in Seattle as Manager for its subdivision department. After taking a trip through the coastal states visiting all the bigger cities, he decided to settle in Portland, Oregon, and is now employed at the real estate firm Hartman & Thompson as Manager for the banking business the firm owns and operates in connection with its land business. Palmborg is a member of the Y. M. C. A., Scandinavian Brotherhood, the Swedish Baptist Church and the Commercial Club of Portland.