Lindblom, J. O. med barnLindblom, John Olof, former Farmer — Portland — born in Attmar, Medelpad, on 28 November 1834. He traveled to America in the spring of 1862 and arrived in St. Paul, Minnesota, in July. After a short time there he bought government land near Cambridge, Minnesota. In 1864 he enlisted as a soldier in the army and took part in the Civil War.   He belonged to Coronal Mattson's regiment. There he participated in the border battles in Arkansas and was wounded, thus providing him with a pension. After being discharged from the army at the end of the war, he went back to farming in Minnesota and stayed there until 1870, when he went to live in the Swedish settlement at Kiron, Iowa. He farmed there until he moved to the west coast in April 1883 and bought 160 acres of land a few miles from La Centre, Washington. In 1888 he suffered great losses from a fire. Since then he has enlarged his farm and now owns another 320 acres at La Centre, but for many years has been living with his son-in-law, the shop keeper John Anderson at number 229 N. 14 St, Portland. L. married Helena Danielson from Hassela, Hälsingland in 1860. She died on 9 December 1895. They had eleven children. Four of those died of diphtheria in less than two weeks while the family lived in Iowa, thus becoming a reason for the family to move from there.