Johnson, W. &  mrsJohnson, Wilhelm, painter – Portland – born in Saleby parish, Skaraborgs County, on February 3, 1878. In 1897 he traveled to America and took up residency in Lowell, Massachusetts, where he stayed for about one year. He earned his living from a variety of jobs and then traveled out west, visiting several places along the way. After staying for a while in eastern Oregon, he arrived in Portland, Oregon, towards the end of 1898. He has been working as a painter here and he has owned his own painting contractor’s business for four years. Among the contracts he has had, one has been the painting of the Linnea building and Helmer’s new apartment building. Mr. Johnson owns property in Portland and intends to build a house there very soon. He is a member of Linnea and the Swedish Lutheran Church. He married Amanda Ivarson, from Jemshög in Blekinge, on December 25, 1894.