Isakson, O. F.Isakson, Oscar, salesclerk – Portland – born in Göteborg in 1855. He was employed for more than three years by Strömman & Larsson’s lumber yard in Göteborg. He moved to America in 1883. After working as a timber measurer at a saw mill in Iron Mountain, Michigan, he traveled to San Francisco, Honolulu, New Zealand and finally Sidney, Australia. He spent a year there and then moved back to Sweden via America, where he continued his employment as an inventory clerk at Strömman & Larsson’s in Göteborg. In the autumn of 1888, he moved directly to Portland, Oregon. In the spring of 1889 he traveled to California and signed up as a member of the well-known, but unsuccessful, socialist colony Kaweah. He stayed only a couple of days before visiting Marshfield, Oregon, on the way back to Portland. For a while he worked at saw mills and lumber yards, and then for 12 years as a member of the police force, followed by stints as a collection agent for the gas company, as an agent for a life insurance company, and as a night watchman at the large Security Savings & Trust Company bank building. He owns his own home on 326 8th St. N. E. He is a member of Linnea and the Swedish-American National Association. He is a prominent public speaker and diligent newspaper correspondent. He married Carolina Swenson from Göteborg in 1890. They have two sons, of which the oldest is enrolled at Stanford University in California.