Holm, SamuelHolm, Samuel salesclerk — Portland — born in the vicinity of Skara, October 15, 1859. Emigrated to America in April 1881 and worked in the Iron Mountain mines in Michigan until June 1885, when he traveled to San Francisco, California. From there he left for Sidney, Australia on June 6. He worked in a lumberyard and a carpentry shop and made a journey to Sunny Corner beyond the Blue Mountains. On February 27, 1886 he returned to San Francisco and continued his journey to Socorro, New Mexico, and Kansas City, Missouri, where he worked in a lumberyard until November, when he returned to Sweden. There he managed the contractor J. Helgerson’s coal and firewood business in Gothenburg for a year. On August 24, 1888, tired of conditions in Sweden, he again headed for America, moving directly to Portland, where he has lived ever since with the exception of a couple of weeks in the spring of 1889 when he took a trip to the Socialist colony in Kaweah, California, and to Puget Sound in Washington. He also visited Kansas City, Missouri. In Portland he was initially employed by Nicolai Bros’ planing mill; later he worked as a janitor for H. W. Corbett’s building and for Security Savings & Trust Co.’s bank. He now has an advantageous position of trust in the safe-deposit department of the forementioned bank. Holm owns property and is a member of Swedish Society Linnea and Modern Woodmen of America. During his residency in Iron Mountain he belonged to a local Swedish Lutheran Church and to a Swedish benevolence society.