Helmer, C. W. med familjHelmer, C. W.(actually Carl Victor), Carpenter, School Building Supervisor — Portland — born in Roberga parish, Jönköping county, on April16, 1853. In his youth learned the coachbuilder trade and traveled to America leaving on 21 November 1869, where his parents had emigrated a couple of years before. Helmer first stayed in Chicago and thereafter lived in Paxton, Illinois for nine years, during which he worked in furniture and coach factories etc. In 1877 he moved to Portland, Oregon. Here he went into carpentry and house building. For the last eight years he has been a supervisor for a work team of from 10 to 25 men, whose task it is to keep 55 school buildings in good shape. During these eight years he has not lost a day's work due to illness or anything else. He has his own home at 849 Halsey st., and is a member of Foresters, Shepherds and Artisans. Married since 1892 to Annie Anderson from Värmland and has a son and a daughter. Another son is deceased.Helmer, C. W. hem