Victor BrandtBrandt, Victor,hotel owner — Portland — born in Jönköping in 1870, the son of Per and Augusta Brandt. Enlisted as a volunteer at the Kungl. Göta Livgarde and completed the advanced course for non-commissioned officers with the highest possible grade in 1893. Following that he worked as a bookkeeper for Skyllbergs ironworks in Närke. Emigrated to America in 1893. Lived in Duluth, Minnesota, for four years, three of which were spent with a bookshop. From Duluth he traveled to San Francisco to enroll in Company F, United States 18th Infantry Regiment as a volunteer in the regular army at the outbreak of the Spanish-American war in 1898. Served in the Philippines until the fall of 1899 and was discharged in Ilo Ilo after having taken part of the fighting in Manila, Garo, and Ilo Ilo. After his return to San Francisco he had several different jobs, among them one as master-at-arms in the United States transport service between San Francisco and Manila. He later served as an immigrant inspector stationed in Portland and Astoria. He visited Sweden in 1906 and returned to Portland in 1907. The following year he started in the hotel business and is now the manager and owner of the following hotels: The Franklin at the corner of 13th & Washington; The Armenius on 11th & Morrison; The Oxford on 6th & Oak; and The Idora on 6th & Burnside. Brandt has received the Medal of Honor from the US Congress for his services in the Spanish-American war. He is a member of the Scandinavian-American Brotherhood and the chorus Columbia. In 1907 he married Ida Christensen.