Berglund, K. V.Berglund, Karl Viktor, building contractor – Portland – born in Skärstad, Jönköping County on Feb. 3, 1860, and is the older brother of Mr. John Berglund. He started out earning his living, at the age of 13, as a farmhand at a mansion in the area. He later became a kindergarten teacher while studying at Vexjö seminary from 1879 - 81. He also took music lessons (singing, organ, piano) for two years followed by training in Italian bookkeeping, after which he stayed in Stockholm as a music teacher and trade clerk from 1883 until 1887, when he traveled to America.

His first stay was in Galesburg, Illinois. He earned his living as a carpenter and building contractor and also worked on the C. B. & Q-rail line, were he was involved in two railroad accidents – one a derailing accident involving a working staff of 150, of which 3 died and 9 were hurt. The second accident was a collision between two trains where Mr. Berglund received a permanent injury. In 1890 he moved to Rockford, Illinois, and after working for one year as carpenter for Central Furniture Co., he continued as a carpenter contractor and later organized, together with Axel Jungberg in1891, the city’s most distinguished furniture factory, the Pallais Furniture Factory. Mr. Berglund was the executive secretary in the company, but sold all his holdings and participated, together with his brother, in the establishment of the Haga-colony. He stayed at the colony until May 1896, when he moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Here he witnessed a devastating cyclone on May 27, 1896 that killed 600 people and injured many more in less than 20 minutes. Mr. Berglund then moved from St Louis to Geneva, Illinois, and worked for 7 years as a building supervisor as well as an independent building contractor.

Since June 13, 1903 he has been a resident of Portland, Oregon. He is the owner of the buildings at 762 Commercial St. and 645 E. 52 St., in which he has his personal residence. Some time after his arrival to Portland he took the initiative forming the Columbia Male Chorus of (the name was his suggestion) and was its first chairman for over a year. During his time in Geneva Illinois., he together with Mr. Gustafson was the founder of the health insurance company Nordens Söner. He is still a member there, as well as of the Swedish Lutheran Church health and burial society. In 1892 he married Hanna Peterson from Berea, Ohio, and they have one daughter. One son has passed away.