Schwartz, A. E.Schwartz, Axel Emil, sales clerk – Portland – born in Karlskrona, on September 28, 1849.  After several years of study he realized that military exercises and sports were more to his liking, and decided to dedicate himself to the science of war by joining the army.  In 1871 he moved to America, and stayed the first couple of years in Boston, Massachusetts.  He worked as a lithographer for four years, followed by two years as a fencing and gymnastics teacher.  In 1878 he became the secretary to a millionaire named Pendleton, with whom he visited Florida.  In 1880 he got involved in the hotel business. He then traveled to Denver, Colorado, and in 1882, moved to Portland, Oregon, where he has had his residence since.  He has owned his own saloon, but mostly worked for others. He was one of the founders of the organization Svenska Bröderna, for which he wrote its first ritual.  He is a member of the Forester’s Lodge Scandia.  He married Josefina Amalia St. Clair, born Hansen, who was of Norwegian ancestry, on March 8, 1887.  She passed away a couple of years ago, and is survived by three daughters.