Paulson, A. S.Paulson, Axel Severin, building contractor – Portland – born in Torekov, Skåne, on October 23, 1870.  He traveled to America in 1882 and stayed several years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after which he lived in New York and in Sioux City, Iowa. He started learning the carpenter’s trade during his years in Philadelphia, and worked as a carpenter at the World Trade Exhibition in Chicago in 1893.  In the fall of that same year he moved to Portland, Oregon. Except for the years 1895 – 96, when he tried his luck as a farmer, Mr. Paulson has lived permanently in Portland.  He runs his own company as a builder and contractor.  He owns his own home on E. 14th St. N., and he is a member of the Swedish Lutheran Church. He married Josephine Kratz-Hultgren from Kalmar County, in 1898. They have a son and a daughter.