Parson, O.S. med familjParson, Olof Samuel, farmer – Forest Grove – born in Karlsborg, Allerums parish, Skåne, on December 8, 1864.  In 1882, he traveled to America together with E. J. Grähs. For the first year he worked on a farm in Lee County, Illinois. In the spring of 1883 he and E. J. Grähs he moved to Portland, Oregon.  He earned his living at a door manufacturing company until the following fall, when he moved out to Gales Creek, in Washington County.  Here he found work in a sawmill. In 1885, he bought 80 acres of farmland, but continued working in sawmills.  He increased his original farm holding by purchasing additional land, and now owns two farms, one with 40 acres and the other with 120 acres.  He lives on the latter, where only 15 acres have not been cleared.  He has 20 acres planted with prunes (3,000 trees), and has for many years dedicated himself to the breeding of stud horses.  In 1910, he visited Sweden. He is a member of the Grange Association. He married Nettie Lyda from Oregon in 1885, and they have had eight children, of which six have survived into adulthood.