Palmberg, Ch. G.Palmberg, Charles G., Building Contractor — Astoria — born in Linköping on 14 June 1867. At the age of 14 he entered into a carpenter apprenticeship. He went to America in 1884 and settled in Duluth, Minnesota where he worked in his profession until 1891, when he moved to Astoria, Oregon. After having worked here for different masters, among them J. W. Supernaut, he started on his own as a contractor and builder in 1893. During the first years he built mostly family homes, but later on he also built other types of buildings. Some of the larger buildings also built by Palmborg are Hotel Flavel, the Spexorth building, the high school and many more. During really busy times he has sometimes had forty employees or more. Palmberg has also erected buildings in other Oregon towns and he is the owner of valuable real estate in Astoria, Warrenton and several other places, as well as mining property in the state of Washington. He has also handled conPalmberg, C. G. i Astoria banktracting work in Alaska, where he stayed in Dyea during the winter of 1899 when the disastrous avalanche happened there. Palmberg is a member of Swedish Brotherhood, Knights of Pythias, Commercial Club, Chamber of Commerce, director and vice-president of Scandinavian-American Bank. He owns a home on 565 Grand Ave. and in 1904 married Elin Margareta Elving from Stockholm. They have two children (a third has died).