Nelson, Dr. J. E.Nelson, J. Emil, D. D. S., dentist – Portland – born in Fowler, Indiana, on February 2, 1877. He is the son of Gustav and Mary Nelson, who immigrated to America from Skarstad parish, in Sweden, and now live in Hillsdale, Oregon. In 1882 the family moved from Fowler, Indiana, to Frederick, South Dakota, where Mr. Nelson grew up on his parents’ farm. There he completed his elementary and high school education, worked as a school teacher for a year, prior to enrolling at the University of Dakota in 1896. In the fall of 1900, he transferred to the Indiana University, where he enrolled at the Indiana Dental College. After completing his studies he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree on May 2, 1903, and immediately moved to the West Coast and settled in Portland, Oregon. He has his office in room 710 in the Dekum Building. He owns his own home in Portland, several lots in different parts of the city, as well as a farm. He is a member of Linnea, the Scandinavian Brotherhood, Freemasons, and several insurance organizations. He married Marion Marble from Sunnyside, Washington, in the fall of 1904, and has a daughter, Virginia.