Carlson von Dreijer, H. L.Carlson von Dreijer, Herman Leopold, Police Sergeant, Assistant Port Director —Portland — born in Göteborg on August 9, 1859. Went through public school and at the age of 15 enlisted at the Göta Artelleri. Three years later he requested to be discharged, which he was. After traveling around the world as a sailor for five years, he settled in Pensacola, Florida and learned the painting profession in which he was successful. In 1889 he moved to Portland, Oregon, the city he had visited eight years before as a sailor. From 1889 to 1903 he worked as a decorator and painter. From 1903 to1908 he belonged to the police force. In 1908 he was promoted to Assistant Port Director and in February 1911 appointed Police Sergeant while keeping his other position. He is a member of the Masonic Order. Married since 1886 to Rebecca Daniel of, one of West Florida's most prominent families and a niece of the recently-diseased Senator Daniel.