Andreson, John with familyAnderson, John, Merchant – Portland – born in Önnestad parish, Kristianstad County, on Sept.18, 1876. He immigrated to America after finishing school, initially staying in Omaha, Nebraska for a couple of months, making a living as a painter and carpenter.  He then moved to Baker City, Oregon, were he stayed for six years, continuing to work with painting and carpentry until 1898, when he moved to Portland. After initial employment at Woodard Clark & Co., he worked nine and a half years in a grocery store owned by Mr. E. Helmer. On Feb. 1, 1911, he acquired the grocery store from Mr. E. Helmer located at no.103 N. 14 St., at the corner of Glisan St. Mr. Anderson is a member of the Swedish Baptist Congregation, and has been married, since 1904, to Bessie Lindblom (daughter of John Olof Lindblom born in Kiron, Ia.) and they have a son and a daughter together.