Young, A. med hustru och dotterYoung, Andrew, pioneer, capitalist – Astoria – born in the vicinity of Lomma, Skåne, on January 13, 1850. At the age of 19 he went to sea, and as a seaman visited many different places. During his many sea voyages he arrived, in 1872, on the British ship “Rocky Hall,” to the Pacific coast. He went ashore in San Francisco, California, and then sailed on ships along the coast until the spring of 1874, when he settled down in Oregon. During the next couple of years he earned his living from salmon fishing on the Columbia River, and in 1882, made a journey to Frazer River in British Columbia. There, in a partnership with his brother Benjamin, he invested in the fish canning business and became the owner of two canneries which were very successful. Mr. Young sold his share of the business in 1891 and took over the management of a 240-acres farm that he bought in 1885, located six miles south of Astoria. He brought 45 acres into cultivation and remained on the farm until 1905, when he moved to Astoria. Mr. Young has served as Director of Education, Road Supervisor, and as County Commissioner 1900 – 04.

He is a member of the board of the Scandinavian – American Bank in Astoria, a sharehYoung, A. hemolder in the Alaska Fishermen’s Packing Company, also located in Astoria, and a significant property owner with extensive financial interests in Alaska. He owns a residence located at 546 Harrison Avenue in Astoria, and is a member of Oddfellows and the Swedish Lutheran Church, in which he is also a trustee. He married Johanna Fredrickson from Denmark in 1874. She died in 1902. They had seven children together, of which three have died. One son died in childhood, and another in the Spanish – American war in Manila in 1898, and the third in 1899. In 1905 he married Emma Harrer (who is of German descent) from Indiana.