Wibling, Y. Å. L.Wibling, Yngve Åke Leonard, merchant – Portland – born in Norrala parish, Helsingland, on July 7, 1880.  His father was a lawyer and county clerk.  Mr. Wibling completed secondary grammar school in Söderhamn, after which he went into the business trade.  He initially worked as a shop assistant in Söderhamn and then for four years in Stockholm.  Following that he managed his own store carrying meats, canned foods, and delicatessens for five years.  In November of 1907 he moved to America.  He had his own store in Bloomfield and Montclair, New York, and then in 1909 moved to Portland, Oregon.  For a year and a half he worked as a delivery driver for C. E. Johnson’s bakery, and after that he opened a saloon on 10th & Hoyt St.  Together with E. Linde he founded The New Scandinavian Importing Company on November 6, 1910, located at 689 Gantenbein Avenue.  He is a member of Linnea, Scandia and Nationalförbundet.