Swenson, C. W. och MrsSwenson, Claes Wilhelm, painter – Portland – born on June 10, 1864 in Mölnbo, Östergötland.  At the age of two he came to Söderköping, where he was raised.  In 1880 he moved to Stockholm.  On May 1, 1884, he completed his apprenticeship as a painter, and in May 1888 he traveled to America, arriving in Portland, Oregon, on Midsummer Day.  He continued working as a painter, and since 1903 he has run his own business from his shop, located at 801 Union Avenue.  He owns both the land and the building there.  He has his residence on 760 Grand Avenue.  He also owns another property in Portland.  He participated in the painting of The Oregonian building, as well as managed the painting of the Swedish Lutheran Churches in both west and east Portland.  He is the deputy treasurer of U. S. Bank, and has been the President of the Painters’ Union in Portland.  He was one of the founders of the organization Svenska Bröderna, and he is a member of the Woodmen of the World.  He also acted in the first Swedish play ever performed in Portland, namely “Mamsell Sundblad wants to get married”, in which he did an excellent job playing the role of the police officer.  He married Gerda Johanna Söderberg from Stockholm, on November 29, 1889.  They have two daughters, of which one is married.