Sjösten, C. F. hemSjösten, Charles F., Lighthouse-keeper — Astoria — born in Runne, province of Kalmar, on March 8, 1878. On May 31, 1896 he traveled to America and until the spring of 1898 he stayed in Chicago, Illinois, where he over a nine-month period worked for the well-known gardener Peterson in Rose Hill. In addition he fished on Lake Michigan during the summer of 1897 and during the following winter he worked for a farmer. From Chicago he set out to Astoria, Oregon. Here he has been a coastal sailor, as well as carrying on fishing in the Columbia River during the summers, until the spring of 1909 when he got a government position as a lighthouse keeper. He has in his care and supervision a number of light-buoys in and around the mouth of the Columbia River and goes between them in his own motorboat, thereby covering many miles every day. He also has his own home, 2164 Bond Street. He is a member of Fishermen's Union and Swedish- American  Brotherhood. Since April 29, 1905 married to Sofie Källström from Nykarleby, Finland and has three foster children, adopted by Sjösten, when their parents (the mother was a sister of Mrs. Sjösten.) died a few years ago in Australia.