Seton, W.Seton, Waldemar, L. L. B., Attorney — Portland — born in Stockholm on 12 November 1865. He went to school in Norrtälje and Karlshamn and came to New York 11 May 1882. During the first two years he worked for the American Emigration Company. While traveling to California he visited Portland, Oregon for the first time in 1890 and returned there in 1891. Here he studied law and in 1896 received his L. L. B. from the Department of Law at the Oregon University. In June of that same year he was granted the right to appear on the Supreme Court, in 1898 he got similar rights to appear in the Circuit and District Courts of the United States and in 1900 in the United States Court of Appeals. He was Deputy District Attorney from 1898 to 1909, Assistant U. S. Attorney in1900 and Peace Judge from 1902 to 1906. Aside from his public work he has, ever since he in June 1896 received the right to practice as an attorney, also had a law office and maintained his private practice as an attorney. Seton owns an area of four acres with four buildings on Milwaukie Street, etc. He is a member of Linnea, Elks, Artisans and different legal associations. He is married since 1893 to Dottie M. Hurlburt from Portland and has a daughter (Imogene) and a son (Waldemar).