Rudeen, Charles köttbutikRudeen, Charles, Butcher, Businessman — Portland — born in Vislanda, Småland, on February 18, 1868. He traveled to America in 1885 and worked in a grocery store in St. Paul, Minnesota until 1886, when he moved to Portland, Oregon. Since then he has been working here in his profession and held employment in several firms. For five or six years he had his own meat store at the corner of 6th and Burnside Street and after that he again worked for others. In 1905 once again he started his own store, State Market, 221 1st Street, at the corner of Salmon Street. He employs 14 people in his store and has a more than $20,000 turnover per month. He is the owner of real estate at 7th and Thompson Street, 250x100 feet with four buildings. He is a member of Linnea, Elks and United Artisans. Married since 1891 to Hilda Hanson from Rockford, Illinois, and has two children.