Nicholson, F. O. med familjNicholson, Frans Otto, former Farmer and Forestry Trader Portland born in Qvinneberga parish, Kronoberg county, July 7, 1858. Went through elementary school and stayed in Sweden until 1883, when he emigrated to America and on June 5, arrived in Portland, Oregon. He bought a substantial piece of land at Garden Home in Washington County not far from Portland, and was successful in farming and forestry trade for many years. Later on he bought yet another piece of land. In the summer of 1910 he sold his properties and moved to Portland and also built a home for himself on Dekum Ave., near Union Ave. in the Woodlawn district. That Nicholson belongs to the "quiet of the land" is thoroughly evident in the fact that, since his arrival in Oregon he has not traveled farther than from Portland to Salem, Oregon, a distance of 52 miles. We recall having met such a tranquil person only once before, namely the painter John Berg, who during 21 years in Seattle has not even visited the neighboring city of Tacoma. Nicholson is a member of the Grange, the Artisans, the Foresters of America and he was RoadNicholson, F. O. hem Supervisor in his district in the country during four service terms. Married since 1882 to Sofia Anderson from the same parish as he himself and has two children: the daughter, Carolina, is married to Ivar Akerstrom, and the son, Ernst Oscar, graduated from high school and is now studying at Portland Business College. The second daughter Emma, died at the age of 17 on March 16, 1907.