Lundgren, R. L.Lundgren, Richard Leander, Office Worker Portland born in Tunadal by Sundsvall, Medelpad, on July 10, 1888. He received good schooling and while he was growing up was also employed to sort lumber at sawmills. On September 18, 1906, he traveled to Seattle, Washington, and after a few months of working in the forest he entered Adelphia College in Feb. 1907. He graduated in 1909 from its business department and thereupon served as assistant teacher of the same department, doing academic studies on the side until Jan.1911, when he accepted the position of Correspondent and Bookkeeper at Lovegren Lumber Co., 330-1 Railway Exchange Bldg. Portland, Oregon. He is a singer, musician and athlete. For a couple of years he was the captain of the basketball club at Adelphia College. He is a member of the Swedish Baptist Church in Portland, director of the male chorus, the mixed chorus and the string orchestra in the parish and also an active member of the Y.M.C.A.