Lovegren, PhilipLovegren, Philip, Factory Owner Cherry Grove born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on October 25, 1886, son of the above. Accompanied his parents when they moved to Seattle in 1888 and to Preston, Washington, in 1892. Went to school in Preston until 1901, then studied at Vashon College and from there graduated in 1907 with excellent grades. The same year he got full time employment in his father's business the Preston Mill Co., and was later voted to be its vice-president and also manager for the sales department. He is now Vice President of Lovegren Lumber Co. Married since July 28, 1909 to May Grover from Burton, Washington, a classmate of his, upon their graduation from Vashon College, and later he was a student for one year at Washington State College in Pullman, Washington, and one year at the University of Idaho. The Lovegrens have one son.