Lindquist, S. J.Lindquist, Sven Johan, watchmaker — Portland — born in Ölmstad, Småland, October 23, 1843. Learned the watchmaker profession and had his own shop in Jönköping from 1869 to 1886, when he emigrated to America. He arrived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on October 27 and then worked for jewelers in several cities such as Chicago, Topeka (Kansas), and several others. Moved to Portland in March 1890. Resided in New Whatcom, Washington, during the winter of 1890-91. Opened his own watch and jeweler store on Russell Street near Williams Avenue in Portland in November 1894. Since May 1909 his store has been located in No. 531 Williams Avenue, near the corner of Russell Street. Lindquist has been an honorary member of Swedish Society Linnea since 1894. He helped to form a Scandinavian debating society. Lindquist married for the first time in Sweden in August 1872; his wife died in Portland in 1895. On May 31 1897 Lindquist married Ottilia Abrahamson from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.