Johnson, Emil, hemJohnson, Emil, businessman — Portland — born in Stenbrohult parish, Småland, November 12, 1868. Emigrated to America in the spring of 1890. Stayed in the vicinity of St. Paul, Minnesota from April 4 to August 4 before he moved to Portland. In 1897 he started a saloon business in partnership with Charles Anderson on 187 3rd Street using the business name Anderson & Johnson. Since December 1907 Johnson has had E. C. Roberts as his partner. The business is called XXX Saloon and is located in No. 115 6th Street. Johnson owns and resides in the house No. 449 6th Street. In 1907 he visited Sweden, and in 1909 he visited the exhibition in Seattle, Washington. He is a member of Swedish Society Linnea. In 1895 he married Emma Iverson from Jämshög, Blekinge.