Holmstrom, Dr. C.Holmstrom, Carl, masseur, physical therapist — Portland — born in Nottebäck, Småland on September 1, 1872. The father had a paper mill and country store. Holmstrom stayed at home until 1891 when he became a volunteer at the Halland Regiment. From there he was sent to Norrköping to take a course in health care. After that he was a manager for two years for the regiment's health unit and hospital as well as taking a course in massage and physical therapy from professor Hoflander, Halmstad. He then worked as a masseur and a traveling salesman until 1907 when he went to America. After having run a masseur business in Medical Lake and Soap Lake, Washington, Hunters Spring and Butte, Montana he settled in Portland on September 1, 1910, and has his office in the Oregonian building. Holmstrom has also got a degree in metaphysical philosophy and chiropractics.