Holmes, G. med familj 1886Holmes, Gustaf, pioneer, capitalist, bank president Astoria born in Tveta parish, Vermland, on February 8, 1845. After turning 16, he traveled widely in Sweden and spent several years in Helsingland. In 1867, he moved to America, initially residing in Burlington, Iowa, where he held a variety of jobs. He homesteaded in Washington County, Kansas, and stayed there for six years. In 1875 he moved to Astoria, Oregon. During the first five years in Astoria he earned his living from fishing on the Columbia River and later became part owner in different fish canneries. Mr. Holmes was the manager in this business for a period of 20 years and has owned shares in two located on the Columbia River, two in British Columbia, and three in Alaska. For 17 years he spent seven to eight months out of every year in British Columbia as a director for the canneries there. He has also owned a farm in Clatsop County. He has sold off most of his cannery interests, but owns a lot of property in both Portland and Astoria, including a magnificent home in Astoria located at no. 288, 34th St. He is a member of Oddfellows and the Swedish Lutheran Congregation, where he has been a trustee ever since it was founded. He is the president of the Scandinavian-American Bank, and he has been a school superintendent. He is currently a member of the water main committee. He married Maria Kristina Johansson from Tveta parish in Vermland, in 1870. She was the widow of the brother of Mr. Holmes and they have eight children: Elenora, Alma, Ivar, Andrew, Amy, Augusta, Carl and George.