Helmer, E.Helmer, Erik, merchant Portland born in Stockholm County on July 10, 1873. He was raised in Stockholm and stayed there until 1891, when he immigrated to America, and took up residence in Portland, Oregon. He started out working as a shop assistant for Quist, Wingren and others. For one year he was in a grocery store partnership with Wahlgren, after which he started his own grocery store in 1895, located on the corner of 17th and Thurman St. He then relocated his store to 14th and Glisan St., where he stayed until February 1911, when he sold it to John Anderson. In 1909 Mr. Helmer had the building at the corner of 21st and Northrup St. built, which is reproduced on the previous page of this book, and in addition he has a large, adjacent apartment building under construction. He owns five and a half acres near Council Crest. He is a member of Linnea and has been their treasurer for ten years, as wHelmer, Erik, husell as a member of their building committee. He married Emilie Peterson from Blekinge in March 1896. They have one son and one daughter.