Hedlund, E. T. Dr.Hedlund, Elof T., dentist D. D. S. Portland born in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 29, 1881. His father had moved to America from Stockholm, Sweden. Mr. Hedlund received his education at the New Orleans elementary school, followed by Sophie B. Wrights evening school where he was elected valedictorian of his class. After three years of dentistry studies with some of the most prominent dentists in the state, he enrolled at the College of Dentistry in New Orleans, from which he received his degree as Doctor of dental surgery in 1906. The same year he received his dentist license in Louisiana. He moved to Oregon in 1909, passed the state requirements for an Oregon dentist license, and in 1910 began working as a licensed dentist. He has his office in the Washington Building at the corner of Washington and 4th St. He has contributed several important articles on dentistry to Dental Summary. He married Lillian Hancock in 1909 and they have one son, Elof Hancock, born in September, 1910.