Green, H. S.Green, Harry, painter Portland born in Hosaby, Blekinge, on September 21, 1848. Went to sea in the spring of 1867 and was shipwrecked at the Cape of Good Hope in the autumn of 1869. He participated in the [African] diamond rush after the discovery of the diamond fields in 1870. He stayed for nearly one year and found nine diamonds. He also earned part of his living as an oarsman, newspaper salesman, etc. In the company of C. J. Nelson he participated in excursions deep into the interior parts of the country, where they worked as prospectors for a period of five years, and, among other things, discovered of one of the famous King Salomon Mines. In December 1875 Mr. Friberg returned to Sweden, and in May 1876 he went to America, where he visited the Philadelphia Exhibition and many other places prior to a period of gold digging in California. In February 1878 he moved to Oregon and lived in Portland until 1891, and then in Hillsdale until 1894. He lived in Los Angeles, California, until 1897, when he moved to Alaska. He returned to Portland from Alaska in 1898, broken and penniless, but has since recovered. Since June 1884 he has had his home at no. 845 1st St., where he owns two buildings. Mr. Green has been married three times; first in 1879 to Josephine Fredin, who passed away in October 1881, then in 1883 to Ella Robertson from Sellwood, Oregon, who died in Los Angeles in October 1894; he remarried again in June 1903. From his first marriage he has a son, A. V. Green, born June 16, 1880, who is now a partner with his father in the painting contractor firm A. V. Green & Co.