Fellman, W. H.Fellman, W. H., shopkeeper – Astoria – born in Uleåborg, Finland on February 14, 1881. He was the only son of the merchant Abraham Fellman and his wife, nee Elfving. Mr. Fellman received a compulsory and high school education, followed by two years at Brahestads Commercial and Trade Institute. Following his schooling he worked for two years as an office clerk at the Kemi Lumber Company. He moved to America in 1902 and arrived in Astoria, Oregon on August 22. He started out as a street sweeper for a large lumberyard and was promoted to sales clerk after a couple of months. In December he accepted a position in a furniture and hardware store, but returned to his old job only to accept a position as a salesman in a slightly larger store shortly thereafter. Six months later he was promoted to manager of the shop. He stayed in this position for 3 ½ years, after which he bought himself a farm in Reedley, California. A two month residency on the farm was enough to convince him that this was not the right occupation for him, and – as he says – that “he would have ruined himself if fate had not sent him a buyer who was willing to pay a good price.” Mr. Fellman immediately returned to Astoria and bought the shop he had managed earlier. This was in 1907. Mr. Fellman started out with little capital, but has been able to expand his shop (Astoria Furniture Co., 559 – 565 Commercial St.) to the point where it is now the largest in the city, located in a three-story building with 12,500 sq. ft. of floor space. Mr. Fellman himself claims that his success has been due “to hard and persistent work as well as a certain measure of innate sheer luck.” Mr. Fellman is a member of the Freemasons Order as well as Finnish Lutheran Congregation. He married Helen Kastell on September 15, 1903, and they had one son Robert.

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