Elmgren, Enoch, tailor, choir leader – Portland – born in Långmåla parish in Kalmar County on December 17, 1881. He is the older brother of E. J. Elmgren. He learned the tailor’s trade from his father. He was in the military for seven years, mainly in Smålands Hussar Regiment until 1905. Then he worked as a tailor until he moved to Portland, Oregon in 1907, where his mother and siblings had previously moved. Mr. Elmgren immediately started working as a tailor, both in local tailor shops and in his own. As the descendant of an old family of precentors, Mr. Elmgren showed talent for music from an early age. Five years old, he sang solo at the Emanuel Church in Stockholm and was almost considered a prodigy. In November of 1909, he founded the Lyran Choir in Portland and became their leader. After a mere three weeks of practice the group performed in public with very good reviews, which have been repeated for all subsequent performances. Mr. Elmgren is in command of a great range of the voice and is able to sing all the different parts. He owns property on Council Crest, where he intends to build his home. He married Magna Stenholm from Jönköping in 1909, and they have one daughter.

 Elmgren E. och sångföreningen Lyran