Elmgren, E. J.Elmgren, E.J., tailor – Portland – born in Långmåla parish, Kalmar County, Oct. 22, 1884. In 1897, he moved to Finspång, where he stayed for four years learning the tailor’s trade. He worked for one year as a cutter in Bofors, Vermland. Early in 1904 he moved to Oskarshamn, from which he immigrated to America. His first stay was in Nebraska. He worked as a tailor for 1½ years in Lincoln, Nebraska, and then moved to Portland, Oregon, in 1906. After working for other tailors, he opened his own tailor shop in October 1909, in suite 204 – 205 in the Macleay Building on Washington St., between 4th & 5th, under the company name E. J. Elmgren Co. He owns a property in Richmond and has his residence there at 594 E. 41 St. He is a member of Odd Fellows. He married Marie Martinson from Nykjöbing, Denmark, in 1910, and they have one son.