Ek, C. F. & MrsEk, Charles F., lumber specialist, supporter of non-profit organizations – Portland – born in Högsrums parish, Öland, on Oct. 15, 1862. He moved to America in 1878 and initially earned his living working with railroading, mining and other things in the area around Arnot, Pennsylvania. He then moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he did logging in the winter and worked on the lakes in the summer. Following a couple of years of logging and working in saw mills in northern Wisconsin, Mr. Ek moved to Portland, Oregon, in the fall of 1889. Since his arrival he has worked for the Northern Pacific Lumber Co.  He owns a personal residence on 860 Thurman St., and a property in Overlook. He is a member of Linnea, Oddfellows, A. O. U. W., Modern Woodmen, and the Swedish Health and Burial Association. He has held almost all positions in Linnea, and has been its chairman for seven or eight terms, and is currently also their representative. In 1895 he married Mathilda Olson from Helsingborg.