J. EdgrenEdgren, J., Real estate agent – Portland – born in Kristinehamn on April 4, 1876. After spending some time in Ljusne and Söderhamn, he moved to Iron Mountain, Michigan. He became involved in large-scale trading of cattle, meat, groceries and many other things until he in 1904 moved to Portland, where he established himself as a real estate agent. He is the founder of the Outlook and Elida colonies; the former is established on 500 acres, eight miles from Portland; and the latter some miles further away. All the land in the Outlook colony is sold out. Edgren is the President of the American-Scandinavian Realty Co., located at the 202 Henry Building. Mr. Edgren is a member of Modern Woodsmen. In 1898 he married Amanda Larson from Iron Mountain, Michigan. They have one daughter.