Ecklund, J.Ecklund, John,businessman — Portland — born in Fjärdhundra, Västmanland, on  November 27, 1866. In 1887 he traveled to Portland, Oregon. In the beginning he worked at numerous things: as a brickyard worker in Portland, as a fisherman in Astoria, as a laborer at Cascade Locks, as a station hand at the Northern Pacific Railroad depot in Portland, as a hotel clerk, etc. In January 1895 he opened his own saloon and retail store at Washington Street and in the same year moved it to125 1st. In the fall of 1907 he expanded with a wholesale department. Ecklund is a member of Linnea, Scandia, Elks, Eagles and the singing club Columbia. He is an accomplished bass singer. In 1901 he paid a visit to Sweden. He was married in 1904 to Ida Wallin who is the sister of the newspaperman Ludvig Wallin in Portland.