Bexell, Prof J. A.Bexell, John Andrew A.M., university teacher and national economist – Corvallis – born June 8, 1867. In 1882 he came with his parents to America. Their first residence was in Iowa. After completing his elementary schooling in Sweden and the United States, he worked in shops in Bancroft and Des Moines, Iowa until 1890, when he enrolled at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. He received his high school diploma in 1895 and his Master’s Degree (A.M) in 1901. He continued his studies at Minnesota University, Chicago University and an Agricultural College. He was an assistant professor in mathematics at Augustana College 1895 – 1903, director of the School of Commerce as well as secretary for the Agriculture College in Utah 1903 – 1908. In 1908 he accepted the position as manager for the School of Commerce and Secretary of Finance at Oregon Agricultural College in Corvallis, Oregon. Mr. Bexell is the author of A course of study in the business side of farming, and a course book in business methods. He has also published several papers on agriculture in various periodicals. He has a particular interest in national economy, as well as in many general topics. He married Diana Dahn on May 18, 1897.