Bergman, A. G. med familjBergman, Anders Gustaf, painter – Astoria – born in Södra Mickelby, Öland on Feb. 16, 1865. At the age of 16 he moved to Stockholm, where he learned the painter’s trade. On April 19, 1891 he immigrated to America. He took up residence in Astoria, Oregon, where he has earned his living as a painter, usually working for painting contractors. He owns his own home on 520 Grand Ave. For a period of five years he owned a 160 acre farm about six miles from the post office in Canyon [Cannon?] Beach, where he and his family lived there during the winters and occasionally during at other times of the year. In 1908 he visited Sweden, where his family had moved the previous year. They spent the winter there. Mr. Bergman is a member of Swedish Lutheran Church. In 1889 he married Anna Kristina Carlson from Ölsjö parish in Kalmar County, and they have one son, Hugo Carl Gustaf Arthur, born 1890, as well as an adopted nephew, Hugo Carl Gustaf Harald Nyblom, born in 1894.