Ausplund, Dr. A. A.Ausplund, A.A. M.D., medical doctor – Portland – born in Husby parish, Dalarna on Dec. 29, 1866. Completed 5th grade at Falu Högre Elementarläroverk after which he resided in Stockholm for a couple of years. In 1884 he traveled to Austin, Texas, where his brother resided, and who was an engineer. He stayed in the Austin area for two years and tried railroad work and was promoted to timekeeper.

In 1887 he traveled to Chicago and in the autumn of 1889 continued to Portland, Oregon. In 1891 he began his medical studies at Willamette University from which he received his Medical Doctor Degree in 1894. He then worked as a medical doctor at Portland Hospital for a year, followed by private medical practice for a while, after which he ended up in Leadville, Colorado, with his own private medical practice.

After a three month visit to Sweden he moved back to Portland, Oregon, in the autumn of 1903 toAusplunds apotek continue his private practice as a medical doctor. He is the owner of the property as well as the large pharmacy at no. 110 N. 6 St. His doctor’s office is located in the Merchant Building, room 509-511, on the corner of Washington and 6 St. He is a member of the American Medical Association, the Colorado Doctor’s Association, Scandia [Lodge], among others. In 1898 he married Octavia B. Cornelius from Trondheim, Norway, and they have one son, Andreas, together.