C.A AppelgrenAppelgren, Carl A., lawyer — Portland — born in Lyrestad, Västergötland, on July 26, 1871, son of Carl Magnus Appelgren and his wife Maria Kristina Persdotter. Appelgren left Sweden on July 7, 1889, and arrived in Portland August 5 the same year. Shortly thereafter he started working with abstracts of titles and continued as an “abstractor” and investigator of property deeds and bill of sales until June 1, 1910, when he, after having received his law degree from the University of Oregon Law Department, opened his own attorney’s office in the 208 Lewis Building. He owns a nice, private residence on 266 Broadway St. He is one of the oldest members of Linnea and has served as its Chairman, trustee, and secretary in many committees. In addition, he is also one of the most active members of the Columbia Chorus and has served one term as the Vice President of Svenska Sångarförbundet on the Pacific Coast. He was one of the people who took the initiative to organize that group. He also took the first step to organize a Swedish day at the Lewis & Clark Exhibition in Portland in 1905. He is a charter member of the Fram Assembly, United Artisans, as well as its first secretary. In addition, he is a member of the Freemasons and of the Swedish Lutheran Church. On September 2, 1896, he married Betsy Nyhus, daughter of Peter Nyhus of Kongsberg, Norway. He has three sons, Carl, Fredrik and Edward.