Anderson, OlofAnderson, Olof, policeman and police judge – Astoria – born in Karlskrona on Aug. 6, 1868. Raised on Hasslö were he stayed until March 20, 1884 when he went to sea as a seaman. In the early part of 1887 he arrived in New York from Rotterdam, and continued his journey a couple of days later onboard an American ship around Cape Horn. The destination was Astoria, Oregon, where he arrived Oct. 15 after 185 days at sea.

After his arrival in Oregon he made his living as a day laborer in various jobs at government jetty and lock building activities at Fort Stevens and Cascade Locks. At the same time, in 1902, he got involved in political activities which resulted in him being appointed a temporary position as auditor and police judge in Astoria, filling an unexpected vacancy caused by death. In the following year he was elected to the permanent position with a sizable margin against his opponent, 887 votes against 442, followed by a re-election in 1905 with similar sizable margin, 1024 votes against 498. In the following elections in 1908 and 1910 he was again elected with a clear majority of votes. Mr. Anderson, as a Democrat, has always commanded a strong lead of approx. 800 votes against his Republican opponent in the Astoria elections. In the latest primary election Mr. Anderson also received 325 of Republican votes.

Naderso, Olofs hemIn spite of his persevering work as judge and auditor, two positions in one in Astoria, he found time (mostly at night) for law studies and received his judicial degree in Sept. 1910. This provided him the right to bring legal cases to the Oregon courts. He currently holds clerical positions at city council and with the police commissioners. He is a homeowner at no. 326 16 St. and a member of the organization of Odd-Fellows (all branches), the Knights of Pythias, the Improved Order of Redmen, the Eagles, the Scandinavian Benevolent Society, the United Swedish Brotherhood, the singing society Manhem, the Chamber of Commerce, the Athletic Club (where he is also a director), and the Swedish Lutheran Church. He married Sophia Lund from Vasa, Finland on 25 July 1896, and they have two sons together.