Åkerström, Ivar Mr &  MrsÅkerström, Ivar, shop assistant – Portland – born in Gefle, on April 2, 1883. Was brought up in Stockholm, where he arrived at the age of three. He went to sea in 1900, and as a seaman he visited many places such as England, Philadelphia, Japan and in the following year he sailed around Cape Horn on his way to the American west coast, where he established residence in Portland, Oregon. In the first couple of years he earned his living by working in a factory. He visited Sweden in 1906, and stayed there for seven months. After he returned to Portland he was employed by John Ecklund’s shop, located at 125th and 1st Sts.  He was a member of Linnea and the singing club, Columbia, where he served as their secretary. He married Carrie Nicholson from Portland on November 23, 1907, and they had one son.